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If you use AI to find a job, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in an average career. Conversely, a company that uses AI for recruiting should expect to be average. Because value exists despite efficiency, we should consider its cost and benefit, especially in high-stake leverage points. When we use structures to make decisions about people, we can expect to move faster but not deeper. Since this is a reinforcing form of mind, we should expect the people we hire to do the same. In other words, if we look to hire quickly and with less attention to detail, it follows that the people we hire would pay less attention to details. A form of mind that scales horizontally rather than vertically and moves in numbers rather than nuance and creativity. In a world abundant with horizontal scaling, the frame quickly means more than the story within it. This week, I invite you to consider the cost and benefit of efficiency in one situation where you find yourself.

Up next Talking About AI With more communication about AI, its value, promise, and delivery, I wanted to continue developing the idea of 80/20 Aesthetics. Who is to use AI, Texture Technology is an extension of an efficiency mindset, and efficiency always moves away from meaning and towards scale. AI writing tools and automated
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