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Technology is an extension of an efficiency mindset, and efficiency always moves away from meaning and towards scale. AI writing tools and automated social media feeds are the current incarnation of this mindset and will not be the last. The most invisible opportunity cost is letting the wrong words or places dilute the value we generously try to share. Ideas shared generously but received transactionally start a cascade of miscommunication, cynicism, and lack of imagination, hindering self-actualization.

If we allow ourselves to (1) seek and (2) find the right texture for the ideas we are developing, we (3) can create robust structures to protect our generosity to (4) make it to the people we serve.

I am starting a small (asynchronous) place with this frame. It will be $20 monthly, limited to 10 people, and all communication will be asynchronous:

Additionally, as I read more about developmental psychology and creativity, I will post a weekly note on

Lastly, after some meandering, Being in Space is now settled in this new publishing platform (Ghost). You can sign up for a 30-day trial to the weekly prompt using

With gratitude, Nitzan

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