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Communication Dec 18, 2023 Newsletter This week, I want to open space between reporting facts and sharing meaning. You can think about the difference between the picture and the frame. What is Work: Library, Scholarship Dec 12, 2023 Newsletter Hello, What is Work now has a library page; I will start updating it with books and websites. The last book is From Strength to Strength, which I Writing Dec 11, 2023 Newsletter is thinking, but we are incentivized to do rather than think. If you’re good at what you do, the market (the people you know professionally) 2024 Updates Dec 4, 2023 Newsletter Friends, some updates for 2024; 1 The weekly (prompt) email on Being in Space will be paid moving forward. 2 ‘What is Work?’ (a complexity school) Places Dec 4, 2023 Newsletter We work in places. A place is a location (/medium) where (/a form of) communication happens. It can be an office, Slack community, regular Zoom Advice Nov 28, 2023 Newsletter Belonging comes at a cost, but only if you don’t consider it. Mindful practice is necessary to integrate and not only follow other people’s advice. Creativity Nov 20, 2023 Newsletter is the ability to be yourself next to others. Creativity is intrinsic; once it is articulated, it moves to production. It is there to be Branding Nov 13, 2023 Newsletter Counterintuitively, when it comes to language and ideas, branding operates against aesthetics. If a practitioner’s ideas or activities are alive Open Source Nov 6, 2023 Newsletter Open-source culture puts access above anything else. It does not ask for care or meaning, and by ignoring those aspects of communication, it often Commodifying Oct 23, 2023 Newsletter the self never pays off. When we optimize every interaction with other people through strict agendas and goal-setting, we effectively Articulation Oct 16, 2023 Newsletter Communication degrades with efficiency — when trying to communicate thin meaning with too many words, or when running out of patience and space to Signals Oct 10, 2023 Newsletter Declining self-authorship is the most comprehensive offense to the self. It is an opportunity of the highest order because it informs all other Plateaus Oct 2, 2023 Newsletter It is easy to think that people pay us for what we make, for producing optimized outputs in a frictionless Configuration. But they pay us for who we Choreography Sep 25, 2023 Newsletter When we choreograph our careers, we look at a scene from the outside, us included. Groups of people and events are plotted on a timeline, resulting Inquisitive Sep 18, 2023 Newsletter You can’t be a good leader without knowing yourself. All leadership is self-leadership. Being curious, imaginative, and inquisitive about the Dualities Sep 11, 2023 Newsletter One of the best ways to revive tired words is to identify the tension they are meant to hold. Best explained through an example, we can use the Field Sep 4, 2023 Newsletter Continuous integration invites playing in a changing area. And, of course, even if we opt for a more stable path, the field is constantly changing. Obviousness Aug 28, 2023 Newsletter Saying the obvious or the quickly understood is easy and friction-free. Doll, maybe. It holds less value than is expected; it asks for nothing and Work Aug 21, 2023 Newsletter Getting better work (new biz) is a wholly internal process. Knowing oneself (practice, value, interests) brings more fulfilling, better paying, Delta Aug 14, 2023 Newsletter What we do for clients is the easy part. Following directions to deliver utility is table-stakes. But we are paid for being thoughtful, reading Structure Aug 7, 2023 Newsletter We make decisions (design/strategize) based on cause and effect. As time progresses, we build a library of instances and what follows what. When Situations Jul 31, 2023 Newsletter Meaning can help us measure the usefulness of the books we read and the stories we tell. There is an opportunity to integrate the residues of Mediation, Meditation Jul 24, 2023 Newsletter Media takes ideas from yourself and brings them to more people than you know. Because you can’t be present in the communication, cutting just enough Differentiation Jul 17, 2023 Newsletter All value starts with an opinion, or value is utility plus opinion. In many ways, opinions are aesthetics. They are the differentiation creativity About What is Work Notes Jul 11, 2023 Newsletter What is work is a new circle, a container to articulate activities that energize and manage those that drain. It will meet Mondays at noon ET for Cubicle Jul 10, 2023 Newsletter What makes a cubicle? Limits to communication, inability to author and move ideas around, and fixed set of actions which prohibit from showing up in Sports Jul 5, 2023 Newsletter We assume we are in the same sport when we compare ourselves to others. When someone is ‘top-notch,’ a ‘rockstar,’ or any other superlative Internet Jun 26, 2023 Newsletter Nothing exists on the Internet. It is all representations, pointing, and communicating in the real world. It is up for thinking to place-make rather Linearity Jun 20, 2023 Newsletter Being generous all the time is not the most generous thing you can do. Your time, attention, and value are not linear, so deploying these in service Clarity Jun 12, 2023 Newsletter Making sense is an interpersonal act. You’re always clear to yourself, even if it is not in language. Ideas might not yet be formed, but they Information Jun 5, 2023 Newsletter has the reputation of being infinite, a belief exacerbated by AI language models. When information is out of the reach of creativity, it Patterns May 30, 2023 Newsletter We look for patterns when things don’t work out as a way to organize the world and reason with our intuition. Organize and use a plan to order the Opinions May 22, 2023 Newsletter When we like everything, we don’t like anything. Opinions (signals) create a negative space where preferences become helpful: this space and its Constructing May 15, 2023 Newsletter We work in places. The construction of desks, chairs, and mental space is a place of practice with specific affordances for thinking and Systems May 8, 2023 Newsletter All visualizations create a system view. It is impossible to isolate a particular part from its adjacent whole. When we imagine something, it is Convincing May 1, 2023 Newsletter Part of the ideas economy is the creation of movements. When a phenomenon is branded and its importance is claimed, it is commodified. Convincing Investing Apr 24, 2023 Newsletter Those in creative services might encourage clients to invest in the future, talk about the nature of a changing world, be resilient in the face of Popularity Apr 17, 2023 Newsletter Like efficiency and value, the dichotomy of popularity and aesthetics is a part of our life. Aesthetics is the opposite of popular, simply because Communication Apr 10, 2023 Newsletter Everything anyone does is communication. Technology exists to mediate contact with another person. It is directly the case for knowledge work, where Formation Apr 3, 2023 Newsletter There is a way to look for what we share as a first step to average out a common denominator. The other seeks the space between what is expected and Time Mar 27, 2023 Newsletter Ideas need time. Scripted opinions and machines don’t. It is with time and care that ideas enjoy creativity. Without either, there can only be the Language and AI Literacy Mar 21, 2023 Newsletter Everything Will Happen is a non-technical, non-futuristic space to learn about AI and its practicality. We will use ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard to Communication Etiquette Mar 20, 2023 Newsletter Communication is the transference of meaning. Etiquette is adhering to a set of protocols to communicate caring. While meaning can’t be prescribed, Useful Words Mar 14, 2023 Newsletter Friends, I want to share a new writing space. A writing space beyond accountability and ‘telling your story.’ It is not a place for feedback or Measuring Mar 13, 2023 Newsletter Metrics are shared, and signals are individuated. When we sense things, we can first articulate and perhaps share them. Once shared, we can decide View Mar 9, 2023 Newsletter Cynicism is the excess energy of reluctant acceptance, an often false realization that this is all there is, either by space of possibilities or the Self Actualization Mar 6, 2023 Newsletter Self-actualization is seeing yourself as the people you care about see you and seeing them the same way. This system is grounded in communication Media Feb 27, 2023 Newsletter is communication with more than one person. It is what we read on the internet or listen to on a podcast. But also when we talk in headlines Change Feb 20, 2023 Newsletter agents mostly communicate. To understand the change they bring, we can start to understand modes of communication. Subscribe Editorial Adaptive Feb 13, 2023 Newsletter Being adaptive in one way is an oxymoron. Sticking to a plan with determination is better than not, but sticking to a goal with the commitment to Difference Feb 6, 2023 Newsletter More often than not, being interested in different things comes with a cost. We can think of that as the price one pays if traveling outside the Discipline Feb 1, 2023 Newsletter The difference between goals and plans is akin to consistency and persistence. We can consistently stick to a plan (/message/way of being), maybe Movement Jan 30, 2023 Newsletter The word meta comes from Latin: with, across, or after. Different fields use the concept differently, from a change in a position to a second-order Branding Jan 23, 2023 Newsletter When we mean what we say and navigate everyday (professional) scripts, words can pack more energy (/creativity) than in plain sight. We could find Thoughtfulness Jan 17, 2023 Newsletter We can’t be thoughtful without opinions. But opinions don’t need to point at an outcome or ask for someone’s attention. We can think of them as the Intuition Jan 9, 2023 Newsletter We all rely on intuition when creative or out of knowledge or time. Grasping its dynamics (or architecture) can connect energy with action, past Bergson Jan 2, 2023 Newsletter I find, first of all, that I pass from state to state. I am warm or cold, I am merry or sad, I work or I do nothing, I look at what is around me or Alone Dec 27, 2022 Newsletter The capacity to be alone is often overlooked. Being in solitude, next to others, enables adaptive creativity. It makes the self available when Being Yourself Dec 19, 2022 Newsletter Leadership is being yourself in new ways. While self-knowledge is endlessly valuable, self-understanding is a red herring. If you are a living, Similarities Dec 12, 2022 Newsletter Looking for similarities weakens communication. When we highlight all of the things in common, we make an implicit commentary that things that are Generosity Dec 5, 2022 Newsletter When we move from lego-building (constructing value) to soup-making (developing value), the connection between our actions and impact becomes less Confusion Nov 28, 2022 Newsletter can be useful for creativity. But, like boredom, it can be perceived as a problem to be solved. The inertia that clarity is necessary is Place Nov 21, 2022 Newsletter While creativity is an internal, individual act (when in the world, it is production), it cannot exist without a ‘place.’ Creativity uses energy to Content Nov 14, 2022 Newsletter Most content is closed. A parcel of facts or opinions shared on the internet or printed is written in one way and cannot adapt while in Time and Scale Nov 7, 2022 Newsletter Tech companies scale (up and down) in technology time. Technology time is fundamentally different than human time. But because machines can’t talk Value Aug 29, 2022 Newsletter Sales, the dreaded word, is everywhere and engaged by everyone. When offering a chair or an opinion on a social platform, we seek buyers using money Philosophizing without Philosophy Aug 22, 2022 Newsletter Philosophy is someone else’s. It is most general by design. It articulates the first principles of the very nature of things, which makes it dense Mediation Aug 16, 2022 Newsletter Part of the idea of vertical scaling is that we allow ourselves to change and pursue new thoughts while helping others. If we were to seek a 80/20 Aesthetics Aug 8, 2022 Newsletter I am cross-posting a short essay I wrote on AI and design with the hope that it contains provocations that can be used as prompts and practices (I Time Aug 1, 2022 Newsletter One (of many) blindspots for those who subscribe to efficiency practices (e.g., ‘second brain’) is that not all time (doing the same activity) is Revisiting Communities to Circles Jul 27, 2022 Newsletter I started a meta-community in early 2020, just before we all stayed at our desks. The goal is to write and rewrite, to practice and rehearse, to Communication Jul 25, 2022 Newsletter A living thought that made a recent comeback is the breakdown of editorial, pedagogical and transformational forms of communication. To recap, Contract Jul 18, 2022 Newsletter Having spent some time last week at a coaching conference, I listened to a growing discernment: thought leaders can’t be coaches, and coaches can’t Cliches Jul 12, 2022 Newsletter are tired language, protocols of communication, and incapable of transferring meaning. While we might use certain sayings with firm intent Fitting in Jul 6, 2022 Newsletter comes at the cost of conformity. When we leave an open space for constructive misunderstanding, we can energize containers to take on a Future Jun 28, 2022 Newsletter What thought are you most excited about developing? Ordinarily, we justify intuition using experience or education. In that way, our thinking asks Looking Back, Looking ahead Jun 20, 2022 Newsletter In the space beyond the moment-to-moment sense-making and long-term projections, there is a blindspot to look ahead in the shorter term, between Conversation Jun 17, 2022 Newsletter Friends – I am inviting you to a new initiative (experiment of one, for now). On July 8th, at noon EST, we will meet for 60 minutes to discuss and Camera Jun 13, 2022 Newsletter When coaching, with system thinking in mind, one thing that repeatedly comes up is linearity and complexity — in particular, moving from linear Containers Workshop Jun 9, 2022 Newsletter How to build a space that allows for cultivating meaning (/creativity) and not only transaction? Most spaces (communities, collaboration rooms, Questions Jun 6, 2022 Newsletter Through time in the Living Ideas workshop and coaching, it is becoming clear that once we see meaning (/find habits to see it), we could turn it Meetings May 31, 2022 Newsletter When we meet people in a certain way, with openness and creativity, we exchange energy. Such meetings result in a surplus of energy. When we bring Ingredients May 24, 2022 Newsletter As we diversify our practice (move from legos to soup), we shift from binary cause-and-effect thinking to integrating inspiration across roles and Sharing May 16, 2022 Newsletter Inwards reflection, look for the (1) meaning (2) we see (3) in the things we do. We don’t always have the habit and affordance to communicate Prompt, Brief, Practice May 9, 2022 Newsletter A prompt is a question point inwards, asking for language, and results in getting to know oneself better. For example: what bores you? Briefs ask List Update May 2, 2022 Newsletter As I mentioned before, writing on this site is pausing, but I wanted to keep this Substack up for its archive. I will port this list to Being in Prompting May 2, 2022 Newsletter Part of self-authorship is finding our way to a place of thinking (practice/faculty/solitude). When we act on things we know, it is hard (and not Practices Apr 25, 2022 Newsletter One way of thinking of practice is a habit for reflection, a reminder to look for moments of value. The cadence and shape of practices can be Living Ideas Workshop Apr 21, 2022 Newsletter How to describe a frame without drawing a picture? The prompt workshop left behind a realization: it is necessary to prompt oneself when asking for Viability Apr 18, 2022 Newsletter Minimum viability is a manifestation of efficiency, popularized by digital living. On a mundane level, the fallacy of putting in less and expecting Generosity and Discernment Apr 12, 2022 Newsletter What happens when we ‘step out of our comfort zone’? What might we notice, and what can we do with it? As a starting point, I invite you to consider Update Apr 12, 2022 Newsletter A quick note to share that I Know Myself is now part of The Entropy of Creativity. I also realized that a private Substack is not the best place for Minimum Viability Apr 11, 2022 Newsletter Minimum viability is non-compatible with complexity. We can use it as a threshold milestone but not as a moment of generalization. Complexity design Introducing: The Entropy of Creativity Apr 7, 2022 Newsletter I am cross-posting a new project: a book that only exists in a private substack, and as long as it is alive. Introducing: The Entropy of Creativity The Entropy of Creativity Apr 7, 2022 Newsletter I am cross-posting a new project: a book that only exists in a private substack, and as long as it is alive. Introducing: The Entropy of Creativity Indexing Apr 5, 2022 Newsletter Precision is generally a good thing, but some things suffer from being put on shelves. We might help clients think through things that are hard to Thinking Mar 29, 2022 Newsletter When we go about our days, living our careers, we do things we know how to do and think about things we may not yet. If we don’t get a chance to Meta Messaging Mar 28, 2022 Newsletter We use context as a focal point for thoughtful design in human-centered design. Following on the thread that all technology is communication between Mode Mar 22, 2022 Newsletter As we develop and change, inevitable gaps will develop between a future self and the present one. The eventual goal is self-actualization: a healthy Local Mar 21, 2022 Newsletter Economic mediation is a mediation of communication. If we accept that all technology exists to facilitate human communication, the same applies to Grid Mar 16, 2022 Newsletter What are we disconnecting from when we say we’re ‘going off the grid’? Grids represent a network of communication, nomenclature, and, most Causality Mar 14, 2022 Newsletter In the spirit of philosophizing, as a language and value-enriching activity, I encourage us to consider what we sell in ‘services’? (Including the Negotiation Mar 8, 2022 Newsletter Sport is a negotiation with gravity. When we add language to intuition, ideas open up to negotiation. They still exist in duality but are not Criticality Mar 7, 2022 Newsletter shows up in language and creativity. Being disembodied–a disconnected persona–and losing sight of criticality–following protocol over Positionality Mar 1, 2022 Newsletter is the ability to create and navigate a personal constellation of ideas. Ideas are much more than an objective set of facts. We might Friction Feb 28, 2022 Newsletter Value exchange necessitates connectivity, but frictionless connectivity thins value. As a design gesture, efficiency leaves out what is unnecessary Field Feb 23, 2022 Newsletter Change comes with alienation. When we leave one way of being and travel to a new one, we are in neither. At that moment, we are in acute need of Meta Scale Feb 22, 2022 Newsletter Most of the time, we go about our professional lives communicating about the external world (in editorial, through meta/skills). Sometimes we Value Feb 15, 2022 Newsletter Most people don’t consider their value beyond the (1) time they spend (2) doing what they know (3) when asked. But there are many (infinite) ways of Solitude Feb 14, 2022 Newsletter In Solitude, Storr cites Winnicott in suggesting the developmental capacity of being in solitude while with others. When we self-author and do not Permission Feb 7, 2022 Newsletter We meet people in our careers. As time progresses, these relationships develop, and we stay in touch. We (mostly) subconsciously organize these Mediation Feb 7, 2022 Newsletter Technology exists to mediate human communication. If we accept this view, a website is not an artifact but a point connecting two humans, and the Types of Writing Feb 3, 2022 Newsletter I am sharing a scale of the fidelity of ideas (in meaning and mediums), which I found helpful when considering education, coaching, and tending to Best Work Feb 1, 2022 Newsletter When is it time for your best work? Work is personal, and so is the definition of best. I recognize that this question can take you to the most Generative Writing Jan 31, 2022 Newsletter How might we write a frame without drawing a picture? When writing anew, we can’t use clarity. While packed with meaning, meta-communication moves Editorial, Pedagogical, and Transformational Jan 28, 2022 Newsletter I find myself using this scale in coaching, teaching, and communicating different forms of writing, so I decided to redraw it and add a few more Branding Jan 25, 2022 Newsletter The problem with branding is that it limits language. It scripts and uses rhetoric to converge symbolism in the price of meaning. This process Introductions Jan 24, 2022 Newsletter I resist and experiment with introductions because when we introduce ourselves, we don’t only say who we are but also who we’re not. In Critical Pseudo-Clarity Jan 20, 2022 Newsletter Initially, efficiency and effectiveness are in sync, tracking each other’s progress. In the process of learning, we write how-tos to skills. We Grandness Jan 18, 2022 Newsletter Not being grand is difficult, for, throughout everyday life, we correlate more with more. The alternative is not necessarily having less or being Optionality Jan 17, 2022 Newsletter Efficiency and effectiveness meet head-on in speculative value. I recently changed my homepage from Blot (which I love and recommend) to Tumblr. I Useful Utility Jan 11, 2022 Newsletter Can utility run out of use? We learn to let go of ‘the work’ and shift to enabling others with time. It is a transition from skills to meta-skills; Meaning and Value Jan 10, 2022 Newsletter In the ongoing exploration of the space between efficiency and effectiveness, I would like to use the idea of meaning. When we solutionize Popularity Jan 3, 2022 Newsletter When we publish a newsletter, a blog post, a tweet, or this very Substack post, we look for numbers: traction, open rate, clicks, shares of Media and Scale Jan 1, 2022 Newsletter Media is an invisible tyrant, an unspoken feedback mechanism that writes our habits. We write our thoughts and ideas wait for popularity to Negotiating Dec 22, 2021 Newsletter In our pursuit of creativity and self-actualization, we need to negotiate with reality. It means that we might discover new ideas and inspiration Shape of Careers Dec 20, 2021 Newsletter Thinking about a career in a strictly linear way is limiting. Many dimensions ebb and flow, and invisible forces energize or bring us down. The Prompts Workshop Dec 15, 2021 Newsletter In the new year, I will be running a workshop on how to write prompts. We will cover the difference between prompts and briefs, how we can open Pivoting Dec 14, 2021 Newsletter is a funny word. We use it to describe change, but it is a turn with a stationary base. It is being grounded and pointing the camera in a Feedback Dec 7, 2021 Newsletter There is a core principle in system thinking of feedback communicating with action (cybernetics, to be exact). We act and wait (consciously or not) Art, Media Nov 29, 2021 Newsletter Who is the artist without art? What is the opposite of a media business? Looking for embodiment—the ability to change and develop without going to Work Nov 23, 2021 Newsletter The more disconnected you are from your practice, the less willing you are to support those who are not. The more detached you are from your work, Knowledge Nov 17, 2021 Newsletter We all accumulate knowledge and put it to use through explicit decisions and sense-making. We make plans, adjust those plans and communicate our Orbit Nov 10, 2021 Newsletter A shift from transactional role-playing to meeting people in the process means letting go of grading relationships based on their ROI (return on Expectations Nov 4, 2021 Newsletter We all expect things. Cause and effect, cultural homogeneity, civil discourse, and return on our time; these feedback loops help us navigate, grade, Consistency, Persistence Nov 2, 2021 Newsletter Seemingly the same, we tend to forget that doing the same thing becomes easier over time. The word ‘consistence’ originates in the act of standing Practice Oct 26, 2021 Newsletter When we optimize, package, market, sell, or service, we stay on the pitch, playing our sports. Once in a while (/quarter/year), we let ourselves go Soon-ish Oct 26, 2021 Newsletter This is Being in Space, a newsletter with prompts to discover creative surplus. I will start writing here soon