Being in Space |||

Declining self-authorship is the most comprehensive offense to the self. It is an opportunity of the highest order because it informs all other places out in the world.

Without self-authorship, there is no path to self-actualization. There might be a sense of progression, but it is a medley of other people’s trails leading nowhere.

Without listening to signals intuition sends, we will necessarily live someone else’s script.

Self-actualization, defined as being seen by others how you view yourself, is impossible without interest (developing focus) on the self and pursuing personal (not given) meaning.

You can’t be yourself if you let others tell you who you are. The most common interface to avoid meaning and language is passing along media as a form of self-authorship. It will inevitably result in low-context confusion (when we don’t realize our confusion) and exist as a relentless barrier to self-actualization (being yourself).

This week, I invite you to consider what you wish you had language for.

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