Being in Space |||

Recreational Communication

Value can be recreational or transformational. The most obvious example is information (say in a book, talk, or an email). It can be either side of that dichotomy based on its capacity for integration. If a communication signal is no longer helpful when the speaker leaves the room, we can think of it as a limited experience, which may or may not integrate subconsciously. Whereas, if a piece of communication opens space in our thinking (though confusion/deconstruction), our intuition will use that space (/slack) to travel further into and integrate into our ways of being.

When communication (/experience) is transformational, we remember it for its frame rather than a picture. It leaves us with a new way of seeing the world and being ourselves. We cannot look at it from the outside when it is recreational. We can feel the choreography of the message, like the expected rhythm of a non-fiction book.

This week, I invite you to seek and cherish transformational communication.

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