Being in Space |||

We work in places. A place is a location (/medium) where (/a form of) communication happens. It can be an office, Slack community, regular Zoom meetings where people for leadership advice, or a website.

Asynchronous places are media, prepackaged ideas written for people the author does not know.

Synchronous places are a canvas for innovation. Where we can meet the people we’re in service of and consider (/design) how we communicate. Then, we sense the value (/energy) and can seek the right balance (/system/equilibrium) of listening and speaking, which lets us grow (in the meaning we see) while helping others do the same.

This week, I invite you to list the places you are already spending time in.

Up next 2024 Updates Friends, some updates for 2024; 1 The weekly (prompt) email on Being in Space will be paid moving forward. 2 ‘What is Work?’ (a complexity school) Writing is thinking, but we are incentivized to do rather than think. If you’re good at what you do, the market (the people you know professionally)
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