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Being in Space
Differentiation Jul 17, 2023 Newsletter All value starts with an opinion, or value is utility plus opinion. In many ways, opinions are aesthetics. They are the differentiation creativity About What is Work Notes Jul 11, 2023 Newsletter What is work is a new circle, a container to articulate activities that energize and manage those that drain. It will meet Mondays at noon ET for Cubicle Jul 10, 2023 Newsletter What makes a cubicle? Limits to communication, inability to author and move ideas around, and fixed set of actions which prohibit from showing up in Sports Jul 5, 2023 Newsletter We assume we are in the same sport when we compare ourselves to others. When someone is ‘top-notch,’ a ‘rockstar,’ or any other superlative Internet Jun 26, 2023 Newsletter Nothing exists on the Internet. It is all representations, pointing, and communicating in the real world. It is up for thinking to place-make rather Linearity Jun 20, 2023 Newsletter Being generous all the time is not the most generous thing you can do. Your time, attention, and value are not linear, so deploying these in service Clarity Jun 12, 2023 Newsletter Making sense is an interpersonal act. You’re always clear to yourself, even if it is not in language. Ideas might not yet be formed, but they Information Jun 5, 2023 Newsletter has the reputation of being infinite, a belief exacerbated by AI language models. When information is out of the reach of creativity, it Patterns May 30, 2023 Newsletter We look for patterns when things don’t work out as a way to organize the world and reason with our intuition. Organize and use a plan to order the Opinions May 22, 2023 Newsletter When we like everything, we don’t like anything. Opinions (signals) create a negative space where preferences become helpful: this space and its Constructing May 15, 2023 Newsletter We work in places. The construction of desks, chairs, and mental space is a place of practice with specific affordances for thinking and Systems May 8, 2023 Newsletter All visualizations create a system view. It is impossible to isolate a particular part from its adjacent whole. When we imagine something, it is Convincing May 1, 2023 Newsletter Part of the ideas economy is the creation of movements. When a phenomenon is branded and its importance is claimed, it is commodified. Convincing Investing Apr 24, 2023 Newsletter Those in creative services might encourage clients to invest in the future, talk about the nature of a changing world, be resilient in the face of Popularity Apr 17, 2023 Newsletter Like efficiency and value, the dichotomy of popularity and aesthetics is a part of our life. Aesthetics is the opposite of popular, simply because Communication Apr 10, 2023 Newsletter Everything anyone does is communication. Technology exists to mediate contact with another person. It is directly the case for knowledge work, where Formation Apr 3, 2023 Newsletter There is a way to look for what we share as a first step to average out a common denominator. The other seeks the space between what is expected and Time Mar 27, 2023 Newsletter Ideas need time. Scripted opinions and machines don’t. It is with time and care that ideas enjoy creativity. Without either, there can only be the Next page