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Being in Space
Advice Nov 28, 2023 Newsletter Belonging comes at a cost, but only if you don’t consider it. Mindful practice is necessary to integrate and not only follow other people’s advice. Creativity Nov 20, 2023 Newsletter is the ability to be yourself next to others. Creativity is intrinsic; once it is articulated, it moves to production. It is there to be Branding Nov 13, 2023 Newsletter Counterintuitively, when it comes to language and ideas, branding operates against aesthetics. If a practitioner’s ideas or activities are alive Open Source Nov 6, 2023 Newsletter Open-source culture puts access above anything else. It does not ask for care or meaning, and by ignoring those aspects of communication, it often Commodifying Oct 23, 2023 Newsletter the self never pays off. When we optimize every interaction with other people through strict agendas and goal-setting, we effectively Articulation Oct 16, 2023 Newsletter Communication degrades with efficiency — when trying to communicate thin meaning with too many words, or when running out of patience and space to Signals Oct 10, 2023 Newsletter Declining self-authorship is the most comprehensive offense to the self. It is an opportunity of the highest order because it informs all other Plateaus Oct 2, 2023 Newsletter It is easy to think that people pay us for what we make, for producing optimized outputs in a frictionless Configuration. But they pay us for who we Choreography Sep 25, 2023 Newsletter When we choreograph our careers, we look at a scene from the outside, us included. Groups of people and events are plotted on a timeline, resulting Inquisitive Sep 18, 2023 Newsletter You can’t be a good leader without knowing yourself. All leadership is self-leadership. Being curious, imaginative, and inquisitive about the Dualities Sep 11, 2023 Newsletter One of the best ways to revive tired words is to identify the tension they are meant to hold. Best explained through an example, we can use the Field Sep 4, 2023 Newsletter Continuous integration invites playing in a changing area. And, of course, even if we opt for a more stable path, the field is constantly changing. Obviousness Aug 28, 2023 Newsletter Saying the obvious or the quickly understood is easy and friction-free. Doll, maybe. It holds less value than is expected; it asks for nothing and Work Aug 21, 2023 Newsletter Getting better work (new biz) is a wholly internal process. Knowing oneself (practice, value, interests) brings more fulfilling, better paying, Delta Aug 14, 2023 Newsletter What we do for clients is the easy part. Following directions to deliver utility is table-stakes. But we are paid for being thoughtful, reading Structure Aug 7, 2023 Newsletter We make decisions (design/strategize) based on cause and effect. As time progresses, we build a library of instances and what follows what. When Situations Jul 31, 2023 Newsletter Meaning can help us measure the usefulness of the books we read and the stories we tell. There is an opportunity to integrate the residues of Mediation, Meditation Jul 24, 2023 Newsletter Media takes ideas from yourself and brings them to more people than you know. Because you can’t be present in the communication, cutting just enough Next page