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This is an archive. I will be posting prompts on the Creative Surplus mailing list for now.

Fixed Utility Mar 25, 2024 Fixed utility is a stationary value. Value is a developmental movement, seeking a new frame and form of thinking that often happens through an Convincing Mar 18, 2024 When we onboard people to a point of view (/convince), we make an invisible comment on what is right and what is wrong. Convincing can be Generality Mar 11, 2024 As I take stock of ideas, living and evergreen, I am reminded of approaching ideas as particular or general. Some ideas benefit from context and Imagination Mar 4, 2024 bis-collection & chapter Acting on your opinions will necessarily generate dissonance. When deploying a new way of looking at reality, it will discern things, people, and Brief, Prompt, Practices Feb 26, 2024 bis-collection & chapter Below is a chapter in progress on the difference between briefs and prompts (for people, not algorithms). I start by posting the earlier text on the The Mission: Self-Actualization Feb 19, 2024 chapter & bis-collection I am slowly putting together longer-form ideas into some shape–maybe an artifact–and will share longer writings here (chapters) for paying members. Movement Feb 12, 2024 How do we sense movement before we get anywhere? As we see more complexity and how norms limit us with cause-and-effect thinking, we begin to move, Changing the world by Changing yourself Feb 5, 2024 If we mean what we say, we will inevitably change the world. The world is made from interconnected and interrelated people, ideas, and places. Texture Jan 29, 2024 Technology is an extension of an efficiency mindset, and efficiency always moves away from meaning and towards scale. AI writing tools and automated Verticality Jan 24, 2024 If you use AI to find a job, don’t be surprised if you find yourself in an average career. Conversely, a company that uses AI for recruiting should Talking About AI Jan 24, 2024 AI & Complexity With more communication about AI, its value, promise, and delivery, I wanted to continue developing the idea of 80/20 Aesthetics. Who is to use AI, Recreational Communication Jan 24, 2024 Value can be recreational or transformational. The most obvious example is information (say in a book, talk, or an email). It can be either side of Average Value Jan 24, 2024 Value exists despite efficiency and not because of it. When we pursue protocols and tools to reduce friction in production or communication, we hope Communication Dec 18, 2023 Newsletter This week, I want to open space between reporting facts and sharing meaning. You can think about the difference between the picture and the frame. What is Work: Library, Scholarship Dec 12, 2023 Newsletter Hello, What is Work now has a library page; I will start updating it with books and websites. The last book is From Strength to Strength, which I Writing Dec 11, 2023 Newsletter is thinking, but we are incentivized to do rather than think. If you’re good at what you do, the market (the people you know professionally) Places Dec 4, 2023 Newsletter We work in places. A place is a location (/medium) where (/a form of) communication happens. It can be an office, Slack community, regular Zoom 2024 Updates Dec 4, 2023 Newsletter Friends, some updates for 2024; 1 The weekly (prompt) email on Being in Space will be paid moving forward. 2 ‘What is Work?’ (a complexity school)
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