Being in Space |||


Saying the obvious or the quickly understood is easy and friction-free. Doll, maybe. It holds less value than is expected; it asks for nothing and gives nothing in return. It is the perfect fit stencil without interest. It is supposed to be efficient but delivers nothing for the time it asks for. For what is efficiency if not a good use of time?

Value, like creativity or obviousness, is relative. It is for the communicator to sense value and be present in communication; otherwise, exchange (/time) can be too thin (/obvious) or lack texture (/too dense and slippery).

This week, I invite you to ask the right question when everything points to the obvious.

Up next Work Getting better work (new biz) is a wholly internal process. Knowing oneself (practice, value, interests) brings more fulfilling, better paying, Field Continuous integration invites playing in a changing area. And, of course, even if we opt for a more stable path, the field is constantly changing.
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