Being in Space |||


How do we sense movement before we get anywhere? As we see more complexity and how norms limit us with cause-and-effect thinking, we begin to move, step by step, exploring abstract (/ambitious) ideas. Abstract thinking takes time to reveal its usefulness. The time and energy we commit to these forms of service will need robustness and a voice in the space that tabulates returns. It leaves us an opportunity to set up a new way of being. Measuring progress in a not-yet-clear space has different physics — it looks inward for energy rather than the production line. It knows, without words, and scaffolds structures to protect its generosity (ideas are generosity). It keeps overly limiting voices at bay while managing commitments with integrity. Easy thinking is easy.

This week, I invite you to consider one place you know (deep down, without explaining) that you’re making progress but don’t know how to communicate your goals.

Up next Changing the world by Changing yourself If we mean what we say, we will inevitably change the world. The world is made from interconnected and interrelated people, ideas, and places. The Mission: Self-Actualization I am slowly putting together longer-form ideas into some shape–maybe an artifact–and will share longer writings here (chapters) for paying members.
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