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Mediation, Meditation

Media takes ideas from yourself and brings them to more people than you know. Because you can’t be present in the communication, cutting just enough meaning (/energy) to make them immediately legible and competitive for attention is necessary. Mediation is the opposite; it is receiving an idea (from others or yourself), sensing (deeply) its meaning, and seeing what is already there. It is small and profound, whereas media is broad and thin.

The edges of that dichotomy are necessary — books and magazines on the media side and mentorship or coaching on meditation. But the gradients in between are the most interesting. Where we make invisible decisions on where to take thoughts: do they go to a broad and thin place (social media) or a small and deep (personal back of house or small live conversations)?

Being able to track the development and lifecycle of an idea from our head to the world and back has the potential to become the best of reinforcing loops.

This week I invite you to pick an idea you care about and reflect on whether it would benefit from going far and wide or small and abstract.

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