Being in Space |||

Confusion can be useful for creativity. But, like boredom, it can be perceived as a problem to be solved. The inertia that clarity is necessary is the one that looks at commonalities and does not allow space for divergent, not yet clear ideas. Clarity, fitting in, and collaboration reinforce doing the same thing, in the same way,  without considering the creative cost.

Focusing on confusion, I propose a breakdown of high context and low context confusion, an idea I shared in the past but growing in texture.


High context confusion is the ability to communicate abstractly and to spend time in unknown spaces together without losing patience or being anemic. It is an active state of conversation, expecting something but nothing specific.

Low context confusion is the opposite. It assumes a foundation but lacks it. Each side agrees on what the other communicates, not realizing either is gazing in the other direction. It prioritizes clarity over value and makes it impossible for anyone to mean what they say.

This week I invite you to find examples of low-context confusion in your channels.

p.s. I am very excited about the shape Generous Design is taking. Feel free to get in touch with any questions.


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