Being in Space |||


This week, I want to open space between reporting facts and sharing meaning. You can think about the difference between the picture and the frame. Instead of putting all the weight on sharing the context, I invite you to consider communicating the frame as a form of service, not as a disclaimer. As a material, a takeaway for the other person to use as they shift and move about their practice.

This form of (meta) communication allows for generosity before belonging and having things in common. When we can connect and share the frames of our thinking, we create containers with more diverse communication and let go of the invisible shackles of aimless collaboration. In economic terms, it allows us to lean very sharply into effectiveness in a way that immediately surpasses incremental efficiency improvements. A long, tedious workshop that starts with unnecessary icebreakers and is followed by alignment (find a shared frame) and an agreement (compromise) can now be done asynchronously between two or more (self) leaders who can talk about events (facts) and their interoperation (frame), without forcing others onto their planet.

This week, I invite you to visualize a situation where you want to establish and tend to this affordance.

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