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Average Value

Value exists despite efficiency and not because of it. When we pursue protocols and tools to reduce friction in production or communication, we hope and measure (QA) that the reach and scale will not compromise the n = 1 level of fidelity. The process of sensing (unstructured) value becomes difficult (to the point of impossible) with individualized and never before articulated forms of value (say, personal communication or job search). If we never articulated the value, we cannot QA the output from an algorithm and will necessarily end up with an average value. Concretely, this is nothing more than pausing, checking in with a personal place of meaning, and articulating the frame (system), our agency, and the change we seek to bring. Because algorithms are reinforcing systems, the longer we wait with this step, the more unruly this system becomes when it acts on our behalf.

This week, I invite you to consider where you’re using efficiency systems and whether you might benefit from articulating your value.

Up next Communication This week, I want to open space between reporting facts and sharing meaning. You can think about the difference between the picture and the frame. Recreational Communication Value can be recreational or transformational. The most obvious example is information (say in a book, talk, or an email). It can be either side of
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